YYG launches new model BR100 electric bike with stylish appearance to lead the trend

YYG launches new model BR100 electric bike with stylish appearance to lead the trend

Electric bike manufacturer YYG is proud to announce the launch of its latest e-bike, the BR100, injecting a wave of style into urban mobility. This eye-catching e-bike combines cutting-edge design and superior performance to meet the needs of modern urbanites who want to travel in an eco-friendly, stylish and efficient way.

The BR100 is designed to showcase a blend of personality and style, giving it a fashion forward feel. The streamlined body and exquisite detailing highlight its unique appearance and make it a showstopper.

However, the BR100 doesn't just look great, it also has outstanding performance and features. Equipped with an efficient electric drive system, the BR100 provides excellent power and acceleration to easily meet the challenges of city roads. Meanwhile, the advanced battery technology ensures a range of up to 80km, allowing users to enjoy riding without worrying about power.

To enhance the user experience, BR100 is also equipped with intelligent functions. By connecting to the mobile app, users can easily monitor the battery status, adjust the driving mode and access the navigation functions. In addition, the BR100 is equipped with LED lights, brake lights and a comfortable seat to provide users with a safe and comfortable riding environment.

YYG has always been committed to promoting green mobility, and the BR100 e-bike is the latest manifestation of that commitment. Zero emissions and low noise make it an urban environment-friendly travel tool, bringing fresh air and a peaceful travel experience to users. With the growing awareness of environmental protection, the BR100 offers the ideal choice for consumers seeking environmental protection, health and style.

With its fashionable appearance and outstanding performance, the BR100 electric bike of YYG brand brings a new riding experience for urban travelers. YYG will continue to innovate and improve to provide more high quality e-mobility solutions for users, allowing people to travel freely in the city and show their personality and taste.


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