YYG BR100 Electric Bicycle Series Introduction 1: Battery

YYG BR100 Electric Bicycle Series Introduction 1: Battery

YYG BR100 Electric Bicycle Series Introduction 1: Battery

The YYG BR100 electric bicycle series adopts advanced lithium-ion battery technology, which has excellent performance and functions. This battery is highly adaptable to high and low temperatures and can function normally even in extreme temperatures. At the same time, the lithium-ion battery has high-efficiency discharge performance, which enables the electric bicycle to continuously and stably output power, and is not afraid of high-load use. Even under long-term high-load operation, the performance can remain stable.

The battery unit is exquisitely designed and equipped with a charging indicator light, through which the user can know the charging status. The time to fully charge is also very fast, and it only takes 5-6 hours to fully charge the battery, which saves users waiting time and is more convenient for daily use.

It is worth mentioning that the battery is uniquely designed with lockable, hidden and waterproof functions. Users can lock the battery on the vehicle body to prevent it from being stolen; moreover, the battery is cleverly installed and hidden inside the vehicle body, which is not only beautiful, but also protects the battery from external damage. At the same time, the waterproof performance of the battery also makes it more safe to use the bicycle in rainy or wet environments.

In addition, the battery is detachable, so users can easily remove the battery for charging or storage indoors. This design is convenient for users to use and maintain, and increases the practicality and convenience of the electric bicycle.

In general, the battery of the YYG BR100 electric bicycle series is a key advantage, bringing users an efficient, convenient and safe use experience.


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