YYG launches new model BR100 electric bike and a wide range of accessories to create a personalized travel experience

YYG launches new model BR100 electric bike and a wide range of accessories to create a personalized travel experience

Electric bike manufacturer YYG is proud to announce the launch of its newest model, the BR100 electric bike, along with a range of accessories designed to provide users with a personalized riding experience.

The BR100 electric bicycle sets the trend with its stylish appearance and outstanding performance. Its streamlined body design and meticulous attention to detail showcase a modern and futuristic aesthetic. However, the allure of the BR100 goes beyond its striking looks. Equipped with a high-efficiency electric drive system, the BR100 delivers powerful performance and impressive acceleration, effortlessly conquering various road conditions. With advanced battery technology, the BR100 provides a long-lasting range of up to 80 kilometers, ensuring worry-free rides for daily commuting and leisurely adventures.

In addition to the attention-grabbing electric bicycle, YYG presents a carefully crafted range of accessories to complement the BR100. Customers can browse our website to individually purchase the following accessories:

  1. Headlights: High-intensity LED headlights provide clear and bright illumination, enhancing safety during nighttime rides.

  2. Brake Systems: We offer multiple brake system options, including anti-skid brakes and high-performance brake systems, ensuring optimal braking performance and safety.

  3. Handlebars: Designed with user comfort in mind, the ergonomic handlebars offer a comfortable grip for a pleasant riding experience.

  4. Batteries

  5. Bicycle Bags: Fashionable and durable bicycle bags can be easily attached to the frame, providing additional storage space for items such as phones, wallets, and more.

YYG is committed to delivering high-quality electric transportation solutions. The BR100 electric bicycle, along with its diverse range of accessories, allows users to enjoy a personalized, convenient, and environmentally friendly riding experience. Whether for daily commuting or leisurely excursions, YYG's BR100 is the perfect companion. Visit our website and explore the various options to create your ideal ride.


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