5 Reasons to Get an Electric Commuter Bike

5 Reasons to Get an Electric Commuter Bike

Electric commuter bicycles are becoming increasingly popular among Americans and people around the world. Not only are they eco-friendly and cost-effective, but they also offer a number of other benefits. 

The Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) released data showing the U.S. imported nearly 790,000 electric bikes in 2021. That’s a 70% increase from 2020, when 463,000 ebikes were imported. 

If you haven't joined the fun and considered getting an electric commuter bike yet, here are five reasons why you should.

Benefits of a Commuter Electric Bike

Electric bikes are a great choice for commuting for a variety of reasons. Ebikes let you travel at a faster pace and ride for extended periods without tiring easily. You can save money on gas or Uber and avoid traffic congestion or the always precarious hunt for parking in urban areas. You also get the added bonus of exercise while spending time outdoors.

Why You Should Consider a Commuter Electric Bike 

Here are a few of the top reasons why you should consider an electric bike for commuting: 

Riding at speed with less effort

Riding an ebike allows you to travel at the same speed as a regular bicycle but with much less effort. The battery-powered motors of today's ebikes make it easy for you to zip around town without pedaling too hard. This makes uphill and long-distance rides much easier.. So if you need to get to work quickly without breaking a sweat, an electric commuter bike is the perfect option. Nobody wants to go into their first meeting a sweaty mess.

The Velotric Discover 1, for example, is equipped with a 500W (900W peak) high-performance motor and a 65Nm torque for a smoothand effortless riding experience — even at 8 degrees uphill.

Easy to use for all skill levels

Whether you’re a biking beginner, less experienced or unconfident on two wheels, an electric bicycle is easy to use. You don't need any special skills or training to operate an ebike, and it’s enjoyed by a wide range of ages. 

Many older riders who find traditional bicycles difficult or uncomfortable to ride are making the switch to ebikes. It’s a great way to stay active without exerting too much physical stamina to get from place to place. The seats continue to be built with comfort in mind and riders can travel up to 20 miles per hour. There’s a lot to like for new and inexperienced riders.

Avoid traffic jams and cut gas costs

Traffic jams can be a nightmare for most commuters, but with an electric bike, you can get around town quickly and easily without worrying about gridlocks. An added bonus for city dwellers is that parking your ebike is a lot easier than finding a spot on the street.  Just hop on your bike and go. 

Maybe the best benefit is all the money you can save on commuting costs like gas or ride shares.The cost to charge an ebike in the United States is $0.05. Compare that to gas prices or a couple of Ubers or Lyfts and you’ll save money in just a few weeks. 

Less hassle finding a parking spot

Finding a parking spot in busy cities can be difficult and time-consuming. With an electric bike, you won't have to worry about this issue since it's easy to park in almost any space. Bikes are increasing in demand — whether it's for leisure or commuting. As a result, government agencies across the country have invested in more bike lanes and parking spaces catering to the growing cyclist population. In New York City alone, the Department of Transportation has promised to increase bike rack installation by over 15 times to 10,000 additional racks by the end of 2022. Bike racks are free. If you’re lucky enough to find an open parking meter in New York City, rates range from $1.50 to $8 an hour, depending on the area. Parking garages are much more than that. 

Great form of exercise

Riding a bike has always been a great form of exercise, and outside the boost you get with a motor, it's no different with an electric bike. One study found that ebikes opened up the possibility for people to work out more often while traveling longer distances than a normal bicycle. This is especially crucial for people with medical conditions or physical limitations. With electric bikes, riders can get the exercise they need while still taking it easy on their bodies. And it’s always a good idea to get outside. Spending time outdoors can help improve focus, mood and stress levels. High levels of anxiety, anger and depression often fall after spending time outside.

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How Does an Electric Bike Save You Money? 

There are many ways that electric bikes for commuting can help you save money. First of all, you won't have to spend as much on gas. An average 10-mile trip on an ebike will cost you one or two cents to recharge, which is very cheap compared to gas prices. Plus, you won't need to pay for parking or public transport, so over time, your savings will add up. 

Electric bikes also require less maintenance than traditional bicycles. This means you won't have to worry about expensive upkeep and repairs. Most ebikes can last up to ten years with regular use. Ebikes are durable and are built to handle tough terrain.

Unlike cars and other vehicles, ebikes don't require insurance. This means you can save money on expensive premiums and not have to worry about your rates going up every six months.

Finally, ebikes are becoming more affordable as the market grows and evolves. Electric commuter bike prices range from $500 to a few thousand dollars, depending on the brand and model, which is still significantly cheaper than buying a car. 

Commuter Ebike: Power Up Your Ride to Work

Overall, electric commuter bikes are the perfect choice for those looking to get around without breaking the bank. Not only do they offer convenience, cost savings, and a great form of exercise, but they also reduce environmental impact. So why not power up your ride to work with an electric bike? 

At YYG, we provide a wide range of electric commuter bike models for you to choose from. Whether you're looking for a commuter bike to get around town or a fat tire ebike to tackle uphill climbs or rugged terrain,  we have options to fit your needs and budget. Shop with us today and get ready to power up your ride!


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