Electric bikes: Some secret I need to let you know.

Electric bikes: Some secret I need to let you know.

The global potential of e-bike

Hoverboards, skateboards, scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, unicycles, tricycles, you name it, we've ridden it. But I'm here to tell you why I think electric bikes are more than just a fun tech fad. I think they could be the future of transportation. But that said, there's a lot out there, and you don't want to get fooled.

So here's some stuff you need to know about e-bikes. E-bikes are not new. They've been around for decades. And if you live in China or Europe, it's a good bet that e-bikes are already a way of life for you.

In Europe, for example, e-bikes have long helped older adults maintain independence and are just now blowing up with younger riders. But in the U.S., e-bikes are still pretty niche. Compared to more bike-friendly countries like the Netherlands. The sales of electric bikes in the Netherlands are more sold than regular bikes. Overall, experts predict that sales will hit $23.8 billion by 2025 in the world.

The basic topic about e-bike

The e-bike will save your power

Before we understand why electric bikes are the future of transportation, let's talk about the basics. So generally speaking, e-bikes are bicycles with a battery-powered assist that comes through when you pedal or use a throttle. Pushing on the pedal activates a small motor that gives you a boost. So when you're zipping up a hill or cruising over rough terrain, you don't have to break a sweat. Twisting a throttle does the same thing but without pedaling.

Different types of motor for ebike

There are two types of motors. One is the mid-drive which is located in the middle of the electric bike, usually between the two pedals. And then there's the hub motor which is located in the center of either the front or the rear wheel. There are pros and cons to both types of motors. Hub drives have been around forever and tend to be cheaper and more versatile. 

They're excellent motors for anyone needing a reliable e-bike for long, most flat commuting. Mid-drives are usually smaller and lighter and can allow for greater torque than hub drives making them well work, suited for hilly areas and off-road use. Their center position on the bike also creates a more balanced ride.

Best electric bike, best power.

And changing a tire on a mid-drive bike is usually less of a pain in the ass. E-bikes also tend to use different types of sensors to determine how best to dole out power. There are two types, torque sensors, and cadence sensors. Torque sensors regulate the motor based on how hard you're pushing the pedals, while cadence sensors will work off of how fast you pedal.

Good bikes use torque sensors while the low-enders have cadence only, and a lot of bikes use both. I highly recommend testing out both types of motors before buying an e-bike to see which is the best for you.

Restrictions on electric bike in different area

The limited of motor for e-bike

Think about how you plan on using the bike. Commuting, off-roading, touring? The better e-bikes brands usually match the appropriate motor placement with the type of bike they're selling.

Most mountain bikes come with mid-range motors, and most commuter bikes are hub-based. Now let's talk power. Manufacturers will often offer power ratings for a variety of reasons.

Until recent power ratings were a way for bike companies to dance around Europe's strict importation laws which prohibited anything stronger than 250 watts.

But now they allow the sale of bikes with way more powerful motors, which is good because it allows bikes to be seen as a viable alternative to cars.

Still, power ratings can be pretty subjective, and you can probably get away with just ignoring them.

Different riding modes for e-bike

Alright, let's talk classes. There are three classes of e-bikes in the U.S.

Class one is pedal to assist with no throttle.

Class two is throttle & assisted but with a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour.

In class three, it's pedal-assist only, no throttle, but with a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour.

In Europe, they only have two classes.

Class one, which is by far the most popular, has a maximum speed of 25 kilometers an hour with no helmet required.

Class two is 1,000 watt plus motors capable of going 45 kilometers an hour, require a helmet, and can't be ridden on bike paths. Alright, I promised to explain why I think that e-bikes are the future of transportation.

So here we go. First, it lowers the barrier to biking. So if you're someone who's older, or you find it hard to ride a bicycle, it lowers the barrier, and it's easier to justify getting on a bike and just riding. You're more likely to ditch your car or delete your Uber app if you know you're going to get to where you want to go without getting sweating and stressed out. 

Electric bike could also be used for business.

And look, if you're worried about electric bikes taking all the fun out of cycling, well, you're wrong. They're going to make our cities more livable, and they're going to help clear up traffic congestion. So as our cities are becoming more congested, some companies are turning to e-bikes to make their deliveries.

E-bikes are used by food delivery workers in some cities. UPS is using electric cargo bikes. German delivery company DPD is going to be using these cute-looking mini trucks. Those are e-bikes in disguise. E-bikes are changing the way that businesses are doing business. But more importantly, when you got to the office super quick, much faster than if you had taken the subway, and you weren't a sweaty, stressed-out mess when you arrived.

enjoy this best electric bike

We see them more as recreation than as transportation. https://youtu.be/kBKdTtNMz2w Our streets are designed for cars, and pedestrians and bikers are just an afterthought. But e-bikes can open up a whole world, especially for people with different abilities. Look, they're not going to solve everything, but I can guarantee that once you start riding, you're not going to want to stop. Here I recommend our new model-T26, it is pretty amazing. Not only suitable for commuting but also all-terrain. https://www.coswheel.com/emtb-t26


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