Product Name ‎Q12 Plus
Expand Size(L x W x H) 128.0X60.0X148.0CM
Folding Size(L x W x H) ‎128.0X28.0X48.0CM
Daul-motor Power 60V 2800WX2
Battery ‎60V27AH
Speed ‎65~80KM/H
Range 45~60KM
Brake Front disc & rear hydraulic brake 
Shock Absorption Hydraulic shock absorber
Tire 11-inch off-road vacuum tires
Mudguard Plastic fender
Angle of climb 45-55°
Charging dock (single/twin) twin
Anti-theft Seting Key Lock
Pedal(LxW) 575*255mm
Weight 49KG
Frame material Aluminium alloy and iron