Height and Weight for riders?
From 35.5"-41"(90-105cm), the BR100 is designed to comfortably accommodate riders between 5'3"- 6'8"(160-203 cm), and a 330 lb(150 KG) weight limit rating.

What Comes With The Bike?
2.Fenders For Free
3.Battery And Charger
4.Integrated Front Light And Tail Light
5.User Manual
6.Delivered Almost Fully Assembled
7.A two-year-warranty

Does The Bike Easy To Assemble?
Your bike will arrive about 85% assembled.
The only assembly you will need to undertake is to install the handlebars, screw on the pedals, attach the fender, the front light and front wheel, and you are good to go! Related tools required are included with the bike.
The whole process should not take more than 30 minutes, no special skills are required.  Assembly tutorial please visit Youtube link here: YYG® E-BIKE-BR100

How long is the battery life?
Generally speaking, it is 3 years under normal use.
If you use it 500 times from empty to full charge, the capacity will be about 80% of the initial capacity.

What is the warranty period?
It comes with a two-year warranty after you receive the item.
The main body, battery (do not drop below 60%), adapter,liquid crystal display, motor, handle, number light, etc. are covered by the warranty. Consumables such as tires, tubes, pedals and brakes are not covered by the warranty.
But you can expect to receive full support from our customer service team to assist with any and all repairs, including access to replacement parts at cost for the life of the bike.

How Do I Ride? Do I Have To Pedal?
1.Pedal-Only – The bike is ridden just like a regular bicycle

2.Pedal-Assist – The onboard computer activates the motor only when the pedals are turning in order to assist the rider.
This mode makes it easier to pedal up hills and against the wind or to go faster on flat ground. The rider can control the level of assistance received from the motor by adjustments to the display unit mounted on the handlebars.

3.Electric-Only (also known as “Twist and Go”) – The rider simply twists the throttle to engage the motor and start moving.
No pedaling is needed when using the bike in this mode, making it great for taking a break without necessarily having to stop traveling.

Is The Battery Waterproof?
BR100 battery is sealed well enough for the bikes to be safely ridden in light rain. However, it is not recommended to ride them through very heavy downpours, or through flooded streets when the crank and/or the motor can get splashed or even covered with water.
It is best to take shelter until the rain eases and the roads are no longer covered with water.

How fast is it on the slope?
BR100 has strong off-road climbing ability.
Climbing angle is 20 ° Climbing ability cannot be said unconditionally because it changes not only with the load but also with complex factors such as speed and mileage. However, it is slower on uphill than on flat ground.
There are some steep slopes that cannot be climbed with all electric power alone, so please pedal according to the occasion.

Is The Battery Removable Rechargeable And Changeable?
The battery is locked in the bike frame and will not fall.
Please don't worry and this is 100% safe and secure. For convenience, the battery can be removed with keys and recharged.

How can I charge it?
We offer two charging methods to improve convenience.
First Way: Just plug the power into the main unit to charge it.
Second Way: Remove and charge the battery.

How many people are there?
The rear rack can be installed to carry people and some goods.
And also some customers have modified it to add foot pedals under the battery beam, so that children can sit on it. Since it is a motorized bicycle, and for safety and ebike life, it’s best to ride alone.

What happens when the battery runs out?
Need pedal riding assistance. It is affected by running power, mileage, and charging time.
If you feel that the performance or cruising range is not enough for use, replace the battery with a new one. Since the battery discharges naturally, it is a battery-friendly method to fully charge the battery once a month when not in use.
You can prevent spontaneous discharge by removing the battery when not in use.

How about the battery discharge?
If you do not ride every day, you can reduce the battery discharge by removing the battery and storing it indoors.
Also, especially in cold weather, the battery may be depleted quickly due to heavy discharge. In this case as well, you can reduce the discharge by storing the battery in a warm place.

What maintenance is required?
Maintenance is exactly the same as a regular bike other than the four main electrical components: battery, motor, controller, display.
You should do basic tune-ups on your bike after the first 100 miles. Regular tire pressure checking is important as you want to keep your tires inflated for maximum riding comfort.
 Other than that, the electrical components should require minimal maintenance and if any issues arise, please follow the instructions to diagnose the issue, which will be included in the user manual. If you are still unable to fix the problem, please submit a warranty claim and we will process your claim as soon as we can as we understand you want to get back on the road as quickly as possible.